Friday, February 3, 2012


Q.  What is devotion?

Jean Klein:  It is being in the total absence of oneself.  
It is the deep feeling of one's homeground,
one's origin where the devotee and devoted are not two.  
In the absence of oneself there is the global feeling of our dwelling place.   
So devotion means to free ourself from what we are not.
When we are free from ourself, what we are shines.
Devotion means offering what we are not,
offering for the love of offering,
without anyone who offers anything to anyone.

Q.  What is the place of devotion in the path of knowledge?

JK.  Devotion is the driving power to understand that the seeker is the sought.
Devotion is an energy, a forefeeling that brings us to the devoted.
It is a global feeling, not fractional like thinking.
When knowledge is not integrated in our totality,
our global sensation, it remains an intellectual representation.
So devotion integrates knowledge in being knowledge.

Jean Klein
From:  The Book of Listening
Photo:  Peter Bowers