Thursday, December 6, 2012

Two Loves

I have two Loves.
One is Immanence,
The other, Transcendence.

Loving each more than words can say,
I fear I cannot Live
Without either of them,
Even as one slowly...slips...away.

Growing older, I'm as a man on a train,
My Love on the platform, gazing wistfully.
Our certain parting,
Making Her more Beautiful than I can bear.

For some time now, I've seen Her everywhere,
Breathed Her, Heard Her voice in every sound,
Felt Her beneath my feet as I walk,
And Her warmth as sunlight upon my face.

This Knowing, that I'll not long be with Her,
A Poignancy, near unbearable,
Rather than diminishing our time, Enriches

As Life lurches forward, I hold Her closely.
But Vanishing Time, ever more so,
Allows only our Hearts to touch.
All that has ever...really...mattered.

I see Her still, our touch endures,
For how long, I do not know.
Her Perfume still surrounds me,
For how long, I do not know.

And yet...even as I leave one Love,
Arriving at another, in a time not known,
There is no place, within or without,
Where one ends...and the other begins.

No place where She ends,
and She begins.
No place where I end,
And I begin.

I leave, without moving,
From my Love,
To my Love,
As my Love.

Beloved Immanence,
Appearing within, 
And as,
My Beloved Transcendence. 

Photo:  Peter Bowers