Wednesday, July 31, 2013

big question

There will be marriage, there will be children,
there will be earning money to maintain a family;
all this will happen in the natural course of events, 
for destiny must fulfill itself; you will go through it without resistance,
facing tasks as they come, attentive and thorough,
both in small things and big. 

But the general attitude will be of affectionate detachment,
enormous goodwill, without expectation of return,
constant giving without asking.

In marriage you are neither the husband nor the wife; 
you are the love between the two.

You are the clarity and kindness that makes everything orderly and happy.
It may seem vague to you, but if you think a little,
you will find that the mystical is most practical,
for it makes your life creatively happy.

Your consciousness is raised to a higher dimension,
from which you see everything much clearer and with greater intensity.

You realize that the person you became at birth
and will cease to be at death is temporary and false.

You are not the sensual, emotional and intellectual person,
gripped by desires and fears.  Find out your real being.

What am I?
is the fundamental question of all philosophy and psychology.
Go into it deeply.