Saturday, February 14, 2015

a living friend

What does pre-eternity mean to you?  What is your 
The source?  What is spirit?

Spend your life finding out your own state.
Those other mysteries will come clear.

God is depth.  And you, you fool, you are also deep.
The same depth is in you.

Don't worry about terminology, pre-existence, 
the original face, spirit, soul.
Search within yourself.  The great mystery is there.
Everyone talks about gnosticism and dervishes.
Those are just words.

I want someone with a pulse, a living friend, 
who says directly to me, You are a part.  I am the whole.
Come into this awareness.  Get to know me.  

Excerpts from the Sayings of Shams Tabriz
Soul Fury 
Rumi and Shams Tabriz on Friendship
Coleman Barks 
Photo:  Peter Bowers