Tuesday, November 17, 2015

All This Nonsense

Gautama experienced a profound shift,
In the nature of his Experience of Being,
And, responding to questions about it…

Gave birth to Buddhism.

But when Gautama died, in no time at all,
There arose debate and disagreement,
About this, that, and the other…

About “true” Buddhism…

And there arose, from one View, many.

So it seems, with all great teachings,
The Master's passing, and in no time at all,
Disagreement and debate…

And the arising, from one View, of many.

How vast and varied, expressions of “truth”,
Each indicative of the utter futility,
Of describing the Indescribable…

Of capturing The Great Mystery in a jar.

All in the nature of things, it appears,
But oh, so very wearying,
Wearying enough to drive one…


Within… where long ago in distant lands,
In the experiences of those long dead,
All of this nonsense began…


Perhaps we, too, should venture There,
And enjoining both Heart and Mind,
In that Inward Journey…

Find out what all this nonsense is about.

Photo:  Peter Bowers