Sunday, September 25, 2011

Living World of Longing

Each person is a living world of longing.  You are here not simply because you were sent here.  You are here because you long to be here.  A person is an incarnation of longing.  Behind your image, role, personality, and deeper than your thoughts, there is a pulse of desire that sustains you in the world.  All your thoughts, feelings, and actions arise from a secret source within you which desires life.  This is where your sense of life is rooted.  Your sense of life expresses itself in your convictions, intentions, and passions; it precedes them.   Your sense of life is pre-reflective, yet passionate and powerful.  This secret presence of longing helps you endure the routine of the daily round; it emerges strongly when difficulty entangles you, or when suffering strips away your networks of connection with the world.  Your sense of life is not something you can invent or force with your mind.  It is the wisdom of your clay and is eternally acquainted with awakening.


Johon O'Donohue
Eternal Echoes