Monday, September 12, 2011

That would really be something

I would like to make nothing
a verb.  I nothing.  You nothing. 

We nothing.  That second person
plural is my favourite conjugation. 

Imagine.  Both of us nothinging together. 
Where?  I don't care.  The garden.

The alley.  The canyon.  The floor. 
More nothing.  Oh, it's nothing. 

Nothing is sacred, anymore. 
And there, on the altar of air

our minds and bodies rest.  They unfold
in the hollow, the gaps.  Though

when nothing happens, that's
all I want to talk about.  I thrill

at nothing.  I love nothing.
Nothing's perfect.  Nothing's easy.

The grass continues to grow.
Nothing to do.  Nothing to say

Let's nothing together all day. 

Rosemerry  Wahtola Trommer